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Diploid / Coma Regalia - Diploid ​/ ​Coma Regalia (Vinyl)

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  1. genome: [ je´nōm ] the complete set of genes, hereditary factors contained in the haploid set of chromosomes ; the human genome has an estimated 30, to 40, genes. adj., adj genom´ic.
  2. Diploid is a team of talented geneticists, engineers, bioinformaticians, and designers. Together, we are working hard to offer the best genome interpretation software in the world. With high-quality software, fast analysis times, secure infrastructure, and a personal approach, Diploid is rapidly becoming a trusted partner for genetic.
  3. Define diploid. diploid synonyms, diploid pronunciation, diploid translation, English dictionary definition of diploid. adj. 1. Double or twofold. 2. Genetics Having a pair of each type of chromosome, so that the basic chromosome number is doubled: diploid somatic cells.
  4. Diploid ialah sebutan untuk sel atau individu yang memiliki sel dengan dua set genom. Setiap genom dalam sel berpasangan dengan homolognya berdasarkan ukuran panjang kromosom. Sel diploid terbentuk dari fertilisasi sel-sel gamet yang haploid. Sel-sel gamet haploid melebur sehingga kromosom-kromosom bercampur dalam satu sel membentuk sel diploid. Dalam .
  5. Diplodia definition is - a large form genus of imperfect fungi (of the family Sphaeropsidaceae, order Sphaeropsidales) having carbonous pycnidia and brown 2-celled spores.
  6. The diploid number right over here. And when people talk in general, and we will speak in general when we start talking about mitosis and meiosis for a given species they will refer to the haploid number, they will refer to the haploid number as n chromosomes and they will refer to the diploid number as just twice that, as two n chromosomes.
  7. Sep 04,  · The Diploid Genome Sequence of J. Craig Venter: This genome-wide view attempts to illustrate the wide spectrum of DNA variation in the diploid chromosome set of an individual human, J. Craig Venter. The genome sequence is displayed on a nucleotide scale of approximately 1Mb/15 mm. The background of the chromosome tracks shows an approximate.

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